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Workshops Information
  • Monko Workshop
  • Monko Workshop
  • Monko Practice Workshop
  • Incense Making Course
  • Scented Sachet Workshop
  • Kneaded Incense Workshop

Workshops Information

Yamadamatsu welcomes you to experience Japanese incense culture through workshops at the Kyoto store.
There are Monko (fragrance-listening) Course and Incense-making Course offered.
Please enjoy the Japanese traditionally beloved fragrance.

Classes may be full of reserved by groups. Please apply by phone or e-mail in advance.

Due to the effects of the coronavirus, the dates and content of our Kyoto workshops have been changed.
Please check the calendar and send us an email at least 10 days before your preferred date with the following information; (Note! Your booking is not yet complete. This is an enquiry only.)

(1) Your preferred date
Please check the calendar for the dates you wish to attend.
 *Green Marker - Making Incense Workshop
  Once a day, you will have the opportunity to "Scent Sachet" or "Kneaded Incense" which one. The content of the event will be determined by the wishes of the first group to book.
 *Purple marker - Monko practice workshop (no sweets)
 *Red marker - day of not open on workshop
(2) Name of the representative of the group
(3) Number of participants
(4) Where are you coming from?
(5) Email address of contact person

We will receive the above email and our staff will check availability during office hours.
We will then contact you to see if your booking is available, so please allow some time for your booking to be confirmed.
Please understand that.

(Note 1) We are not able to offer the workshop in foreign languages.
Only the workshop's manual is available have in English and Simplified Chinese.
Please let us know if you would like.
(Note 2) The workshop fee must be paid in only cash on the day.

Monko ( Listening to Incense ) Course

In these workshops you will try and distinguish fragrances.

  • Monko Workshop
  • Monko Practice Workshop

Incense Making Course

In these workshops you can create your own original fragrance.

  • Scented Sachet Workshop
  • Kneaded Incense Workshop